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Unzan Graham Ross Visit May 2016

May 1, 2016

graham_rossWe have Unzan Graham Ross taking up residency at the Black Mountain Zen Centre in May. Graham is a Zen priest and teacher from San Francisco Zen Centre.  Graham has been practicing Zen for over 15 years, including a nine year residency at Tassajara Zenshinji; the San Francisco Zen Centre Monastery. He is a senior student of our abiding teacher Ryushin Paul Haller. Graham will be offering a series of talks and workshops as well supporting the regular schedule and offering practice interviews.

Last Updated: 2016-05-01

All events listed below are at Bmzc.  More information on the workshops follows the schedule.

Morning Weekday Schedule (Monday – Friday)
7:00am Zazen
7:25am Kinhin
7:35am Zazen
8:00am Service
8:10am Tea & Zen Mind Beginner’s Mind Study
8:40am End

Evening Weekday Schedule (Tuesday & Friday)
7:00pm Zazen
7:25pm Kinhin
7:35pm Zazen
8:00pm Service

Saturday May 7th
10:00am – 4:30pm Workshop: The Four Noble Truths Are Realised Daily
7:00pm – 8:30pm Meditation and Recovery

Saturday May 14th
10:00am – 4:30pm One Day Retreat
7:00pm – 8:30pm Meditation and Recovery

Sunday May 8th and May 15th
10:00am Zazen
10:25am Kinhin
10:35am Zazen
11:00am Service Monday May 2nd – Friday May 13th
11:15am Dharma Talk
12:00pm End
1:30pm Workshop: Introduction to Zen Meditation
4:30pm End

Ten Days of Morning Study: Zen Mind Beginner’s Mind.
Monday May 2nd – Friday May 13th
Weekday mornings, May 2nd through May 13th, we will begin an ongoing study of Suzuki Roshi’s seminal text Zen Mind Beginner’s Mind. After the morning meditations, starting at 7:00 am, will we meet for tea in the zendo from 8:10 – 8:45. We will explore these core Zen teachings will an emphasis on developing our abilities to engage our daily lives with authenticity, awareness and connection. Donations appreciated.

Practice Discussion
Meeting with a teacher for one on one practice discussion has a rich and lively heritage in the Zen tradition. Speaking and listening of that which is closest to our hearts, is a rare and wonderful thing. There is a sign up sheet on the board at Bmzc, with available times to meet with Graham.

Workshop: Introduction to Zen Meditation
Sat 8th & Sat 15th May
The afternoon workshop offered on Saturday May 8th and 15th is intended to develop and deepen our facility with the meditative experience. With hands on instruction, guided meditation and the exploration of posture, breath and mind this workshop is intended for both beginner and experienced meditators alike. There will be interactive exercises, discussion and time for questions and answers. It is intended to be practical and as a nourishment for developing awareness in your daily life. Suggested donation £10.

Workshop: The Four Noble Truths Are Realized Daily
Sat May 7th
Taught by the Buddha in his first teaching after enlightenment, the Four Noble Truths are often seen as the keystone of Buddhist Doctrine and are less seen as, the keystone of Buddhist Practice. In this workshop, we will engage with the practicality and simplicity of this early teaching as it was intended: instruction for day-to-day living. With handouts, meditation, exercises, lecture and discussion we will become acquainted with a tangible outline of practice. Please join us. Suggested donation £20.

One Day Retreat
Sat 14th May
This retreat is offered as a way to go deeper into your practice. Designed for beginner and experienced meditators alike, we will follow a relaxed but steady schedule of seated, walking and guided meditations. Sitting together, in stillness and silence, allows us to discover or rediscover, to clarify and actualize our ultimate concern. Suggested donation £20.